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Roger Kwapich's
Car Care Tip of the Day
How much do you really know about your car?
Here are some surprising facts about these machines that we depend on every day:
  • Four out of five vehicles on the road need maintenance right NOW!
  • On average, motorists spend over $6,000 annually on vehicle related costs!
  • The computer system on today's average car performs more tasks than the computers on the Apollo spacecraft!
  • Full battery power at 80 degrees drops to 65% at freezing and only 40% when the temperature hits zero!


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To keep your vehicle running right, listen for The Car Care Tip of The Day. Roger's two minute Car Care Tips can be heard daily on hundreds of radio stations across North America.

Roger Kwapich can also be heard around the world every weekend on the popular syndicated call-in program, The C.A.R. Show.  He knows a lot about cars and has been sharing his automotive knowledge with radio listeners for over 20 years. His informative Car Care Tips offer money-saving information that every driver can relate to.

If you'd like to hear The Car Care Tip Of The Day on your favorite radio station, call your local station's programming director and ask them to start airing it. If you're with a radio station and would like more information on how to add this feature to your schedule, please contact our Affiliate Relations either via email or by calling (888) 871-1777.


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